Auto Transport Group - Dependable Drive Away Services

If you want to vehicle shipping your vehicle but prefer to have someone else drive, consider Auto Transport Group’s vehicle drive away service. If you are ready to go, please fill out our shippers quote form to receive a quote for your move. Vehicle drive away services seek to match the demand for moving a vehicle with responsible persons willing to drive someone else's vehicle. Vehicle drive away companies vary in their operation, but common features include:

Drive Away Costs and Time

We may charge the vehicle owner a flat rate for the vehicle shipping, for example $700 between Florida and California. The owner of the vehicle may also reimburse the hired driver for fuel costs. In addition to insurance carried by the customer, the vehicle drive away company may carry liability in the $1 million to $2 million range. Auto Transport Group offers car transport the vehicle by truck as well. By contrast, this option may cost more, for example $1200 from Florida to California. The number of days to vehicle shipping varies. Having a person drive it could take 5 days from Florida to California. Truck vehicle shipping may increase the time, for example 8 or 10 days for that same trip.

Auto Transport Group Delivery and Pickup

When you deliver your vehicle to the Auto Transport Group drive away office, keep as few personal items as possible with the vehicle. The Auto Transport Group company representative will document the vehicle's condition and note any dents, scratches or damage. After your vehicle is vehicle shippinged to the delivery address, you can pick it up. Examine the vehicle yourself to compare it to its pre-trip condition report.