Drive Away car transport Faq's

Questions Asked About Our Drive Away Services

Does a Vehicle Drive away Service Have a Flat Rate for All Vehicles?

Auto Transport Group will charge a predetermined rate for fuel included in the quote, while others will demand the money separately. We will charge the vehicle owner a flat rate for the vehicle shipping; the insurance costs and fuel may vary. Generally, Auto Transport Groups vehicle drive away service may carry liability for about $2 million. It is important to remove all valuables from the vehicle and inspect it before sending it to our vehicle drive away location.

Why is Auto Transport Group the Most Popular Vehicle Drive Away Company?

Auto Transport Group is the best drive away company in the industry. We use only the best drivers to handle your vehicle. Other car transport companies claim to be the best, but time and time again they let the customer down. Nobody has the clean respectable drivers like we do. It’s taken us years of excellent customer service and Dependable on time deliveries to get this reputation.

Will a Drive Away Service take Longer than a Vehicle car transport Service?

Typically, our drive away service will take a shorter amount of time than our vehicle shipping services. When using our drive away service, the service contracts the "drive" to one of our many contacts. These people are either doing the driving to earn a living, or as a way to reach a destination. In either case, the driver has strong reason to reach the destination in the shortest time possible. Our car transport service is concerned with maximizing profits from the journey. As such, they will be picking up and dropping off in various places along the route that was determined by the pick-ups and drop-offs. If you are ready to go, please fill out our shippers quote form to receive a quote for your move.

Can I Look Up the Driving Records of Drive away Drivers?

The short answer is yes, you can look up drive away drivers information. However, it is usually not necessary for you to look up the information personally. Our drive away services require the drivers to provide them with driving record information. This information includes proof of a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and references from the destination location. Moreover, the drivers must allow a MVR (moving violation report) to be generated. Auto Transport Group’s drive away service has this information and you can view it before signing an agreement. If you wish to look up the information personally, there are record search companies that can do this, but you will be required to purchase a subscription.

Can I Get 7 Day Drive Away Insurance?

7 day drive away insurance must be purchased through a dealership, and can only be used as temporary insurance for the purpose of driving the purchased vehicle home, and until you secure permanent insurance. As long as you are buying the vehicle, you can purchase the insurance. However, you should look around because many dealerships will offer the insurance free for buying the vehicle from them. Temporary vehicle insurance can also be purchased in 7-day periods, and is general, used when vehicle shipping a vehicle or taking a trip.

Are Drive Away vehicle shipping Services Responsible for All Damages if there are any?

Drive away vehicle shipping liability varies depending on the company. Some companies will have master insurance policies that provide for liability coverage in the event that one of their vehicle shipping drivers has an accident and causes damage to others and/or their property, including the vehicles being vehicle shippinged. However, liability coverage is not something you should take for granted. You should always inquire about their liability, and carefully review the agreement to see what may or may not be covered. Indeed, because of this, there may be gaps that could cause you to have to place a claim on your insurance policy.