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Seasonal auto transport Most Asked Questions

I don’t have time to sit and wait for the truck, how will I know when Auto Transport Group driver wants to pick up or deliver the car?

You will be notified by phone or email once the order has been dispatched to a driver. The driver will be in contact with you 24 hours before, to find a convenient time for pick up; he will also call you 24 hours prior to delivery to schedule the best delivery time for you. Do not feel obligated to wait around all day if you have not heard from the driver. Unforeseen circumstances may have delayed the truck; this would change the estimated dates for pick up and delivery. Please do not change any plans until you have actually spoken to the driver.

I would prefer my vehicle to be delivered on a weekend, can I choose which day my vehicle is delivered?

Auto Transport Group drivers do their best to service our customers needs. They do their very best to deliver during a convenient time for the customer, in most cases they are not able to hold off delivering until a specific day of the week. UNLESS ARRANGEMENT ARE MADE IN ADVANCED. The driver will contact you, typically at least 24 hours prior to delivery, to arrange the most convenient time for you to receive the vehicle.

Can you pickup and deliver my vehicle to a hotel, lodge, resort or vacation home?

Yes, but if the driver is going to leave the vehicle with a manager or employee; arrangements must be made in advanced.